Welcome to Option C

Option C is more than just a Website Design and Hosting Company. I started this company with a vision to help small and new businesses get their brand and products on the World Wide Web. Too many companies charge large sums of money for websites that can do everything you want it to do and yet you still have to pay them to run your site.

This is where Option C is different. We create you the website that you want in a CMS that is easy to use. Therefore you don’t have to pay more money every time you want to update your site. For just R500 (this includes your first months hosting) once off and then R100 p/m hosting you cant afford to miss a deal like this.

Get a fully functional CMS website for only R1000 and R100 p/m there after..


How can it be so cheap? What is the catch? Where are the hidden costs? What is a CMS?……..

How can it be so cheap? Well actually it’s not cheap its incredibly cost effective. My business works on the fact that the CMS we are using is so easy to use no matter what the computer literacy level of the client is. We are not looking to make huge profits from you we are hoping that you will love this product and our service so much that around a fire you will tell all your friends about us and they will join as well.

What is the catch? There is none. What you see is what you get.

What are the hidden costs? There are no hidden costs. The only cost to you would be if you wanted a .com instead of the free co.za. Of course if you are looking for professional banners or logo designs i have a colleague that ill refer you to and he will then quote you.

What is a CMS? CMS stands for “Content Management System”. In simple terms it is a piece of software that allows you the user to update and edit your site without the need to know any coding. This means that you do not have to pay a web developer or the person that created your site to update your site as you are able to do it yourself.

I’m convinced, how do we start

Well you need to get in contact with me via email brent@optionc.co.za or via calling 079 480 5353 or you can fill out the contact form….