Option C Website Management

At Option C we strive to help our client get their brand and products onto the internet. We specialize in assisting our client to work and manage their own website. This allows the client to have full control of their site and the content on it. Managing your own website allows you to keep the cost of having a website down as you do not have to pay someone or a company to do that for you.

We are able to assist our clients that do not want to take on this extra work. Running your website and keeping it up to date takes time and some clients just do not have the time to do that. So below are some Website Management packages for those clients.

Option C Level 1 - Service Agreement
per month
Includes the following:
1) Website
Website Maintenance – Keep the CMS and addons up to date.
Maintaining the website – Any issues with the code or website.
Maintaining the database and security of the website.
Website Updates – Any content pictures or new pages that need to be added.
Content updates to be done within 48 hours.
2) Support
Telephone support on 079 480 5353
Email support on brent@optionc.co.za
3) Reporting
Detailed Monthly report of work done.
4) Social Media
Creation of social media accounts such as Facebook, and twitter.
5) Search Engine Optimization
Submitting the domain to various search engines
The Level 1 Service agreement provides for 5 hours month @ R1000 p/m
If the all the hours are used and more work needs doing the cost will be R350 p/h to be invoice separately.